Cash on Delivery Service in Japan

Cash on Delivery Service in Japan

A service where JChere pays for the goods in cash on behalf of the customer upon arrival of the items.

Cash on Delivery Service in Japan
Offering Cash on Delivery service for all Japanese shopping websites, including Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo Japan.
Cash on Delivery (COD) amount includes:
  • The cost of the product.
  • Domestic shipping fees within Japan.
  • Tariffs from other countries to Japan.
  • Other associated fees.
Usage Process:
  1. Apply for Cash on Delivery service (click the "Apply for Cash on Delivery Service" button at the bottom of the page).
  2. Recharge your account to ensure the account balance > payable cash on delivery amount. Recharge
  3. Once the package arrives, we will make the payment on your behalf and register it. You can view this on the “Packages” page.
  4. ※ No need to pre-report the arrival of packages or add forwarding orders in advance.
Usage Conditions:
  1. Advance application is required for cash on delivery service.
  2. Before package arrival, account top-up balance must exceed the cash on delivery amount.
    (Cash on delivery amount = Payment amount+ Cash on delivery service fee)
  3. ※ 2-3 Japanese business days before package delivery.
Please note the following:
  • This service only supports cash payment upon delivery (COD, including delivery-paid). Other COD methods (like bank, post office, or convenience store payment) are not supported.
  • If your account balance is insufficient, the package may be returned.
  • Packages with unrecognizable or incorrectly written personal transfer number ZY may be returned.
  • Please confirm the COD amount with the seller in advance.
  • Accounts that have not applied for COD service, use non-cash payments, or have insufficient balances leading to package return will be suspended. To prevent violations, please top up in advance. For fast-shipping websites, it is advised to recharge at the time of purchase.
  • If the package is not successfully received and needs to be redelivered, a redelivery fee of 500 yen per attempt will be charged.
  • Package receipt and storage are only conducted on Japanese business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Some packages requiring confirmation may take longer.
Cash on Delivery (COD) Service Fee (per transaction):
  1. Payment amount < 10,000 yen: 500 yen.
  2. Payment amount >= 10,000 yen: 500 yen + 4.5% of the payment amount.
Ideal for those who prefer not to leave payment details at overseas stores, cannot make international remittances, or face payment issues. (We do not collect any of your payment information.)
Cash on Delivery, known in Japanese as “代金引換” (だいきんひきかえ), is commonly abbreviated as “COD.”

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