Japanese Purchasing and Forwarding to Hotels in Japan

Japanese Purchasing and Forwarding to Hotels in Japan

Purchase in advance and bring it back directly when traveling or on a business trip to Japan.

Japanese Purchasing and Forwarding to Hotels in Japan
You can enjoy the following conveniences:
  • Save a lot of shopping time in Japan, leaving more time for tourism or work.
  • Compare and purchase products online that are cheaper than in physical stores.
  • Purchase in-demand or hard-to-find items in advance.
  • No need to personally buy large and heavy items.
  • Pre-pack luggage that needs to be shipped.
  • Urgently needed items like concert tickets can be received upon arrival in Japan.
Usage Instructions:
  1. Add a Forwarding Order:
    1. Select EMS as the shipping method.
    2. Fill in the name of the hotel guest as the recipient.
    3. Enter the hotel's phone number as the contact.
    4. The delivery address should include the hotel address, hotel name, guest's name, check-in and check-out dates, and room number.
      (Example: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Mr. ABC, 2022.6.1-6.3, Room 205)
  2. Please inform us of the forwarding order number after completion for manual processing. Contact Us
  • Please make the payment at least 5 Japanese business days in advance.
  • The domestic transportation fee in Japan is 1,200 yen per package, plus domestic shipping costs.
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