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Substantial Discounts on International Shipping

Use Premium Flash※1 for up to 8% discount↓
  1. Significantly reduced international shipping costs※2
  2. Up to 3% discount for Premium members.
  3. Up to 8% discount for Premium Flash members.
  4. Greatly reduced transportation cost per item.
  5. Purchase Japanese products with the fastest speed and lowest shipping fees.
Substantial Discounts on International Shipping

Enjoy up to 10 free consolidation fees

No worries about buying multiple items from multiple stores at once.
  1. No worries about small, scattered items and batch shipments.
  2. No worries about direct split shipments from Japanese stores.
  3. Reduce the number of parcel shipments, saving on the initial international shipping costs.
  4. Ideal for bulk purchases during promotion periods.
  5. Significantly reduce the number of times parcels are received.
Up to 10 Free Consolidation Fees:
  • In a single forwarding order, the first 10 incoming packages are consolidated for free. Beyond 10, each additional package incurs a fee of 300 yen.
  • Does not include fees for services like extra boxing (if applicable).
  • ※ Consolidation fees are independent of the final number of packages shipped in the order.
Up to 10 Free Consolidation Fees:

Enjoy free forwarding fees and storage services.

No worries about purchase frequency and consolidation time limits:
  1. Waived forwarding fees for each package, applicable for:
    • Purchasing multiple types/items from various stores.
    • Small, batch-shipped items.
    • Low-cost small packages.
    • Regular purchase of goods.
  2. No concerns about storage service fees:
    • Flexible packaging time.
    • Up to 180 days of storage.
  3. For resale of products, Japanese tax refund is available.
Enjoy free forwarding fees and storage services.

Ultra-Fast Premium Flash Shipping

With Premium Flash※1, skip storage and directly expedite shipping:
  1. Eliminate re-storage and increase dispatch speed:
  2. Direct and rapid delivery, significantly faster.
  3. Greatly reduce costs, with up to 8% OFF on shipping↓.
  4. Ideal for urgent parcels.
  5. Suitable for perishable or time-sensitive products.
Ultra-Fast Premium Flash Shipping
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Comparison of Benefits for Regular and Premium Members
Member Regular Premium
Benefits Premium Premium Flash※1
International Shipping Discount ※2 - Up to 3% OFF↓ Up to 8% OFF↓
Ultra-Fast Shipping - - Enjoy
Free Consolidation 3 Up to 10 Free
Handling Fee Yes Free
Storage Service Fee ※3 Yes Free
Outer Box Removal Yes Free
Applicable Conditions - - Account Balance > 30,000yen
※3 The storage period is a maximum of 180 days. Storage fees incurred before becoming a Premium member or before parcel disposal (including disposal after 180 days) will be charged as usual.
※1 Premium Flash
Premium Flash Eligibility:
  1. Must be a Premium member.
  2. If your account balance exceeds 30,000 yen before package packing charges, you can enjoy Premium Flash services and discounts on shipping fees. Recharge
    • If below 30,000 yen, only Premium discount applies.
    • ※ Account balance refers to the amount successfully recharged and recorded in the account.
    • ※ Orders with repackaged parcels are not eligible for Premium Flash discounts.
Premium Flash Usage Overview:
  1. If the account balance exceeds the package forwarding cost, the charge is automatically deducted after packaging, and the package is dispatched immediately.
  2. If the forwarding cost exceeds the account balance, the balance is deducted first, and the package is shipped after paying the remaining fee. This may slow down the shipping.
  3. To expedite shipping, ensure the account balance is greater than the forwarding cost.
    • If below 30,000 yen, only Premium discount applies.
    • ※ Forwarding costs include shipping fees and any value-added service fees.
    • ※ Orders manually processed into multiple shipments will not be automatically charged.
※2 International Shipping Discount
  • Applicable Shipping Methods: EMS, Air, SAL, Surface
  • Premium members enjoy up to 3% OFF, and Premium Flash up to 8% OFF discounts. The 3% and 8% are the maximum discount rates, which vary based on shipping method and weight. These discounts are subject to periodic adjustments. See international cost estimate for details.
  • International shipping fees are calculated as indicated on the website. Discounts for Premium and Premium Flash are based on the standard shipping fee and then discounted further. The actual cost for Japan Post shipping may differ from the amount printed on the slip. (International shipping fees may be adjusted periodically.)
  • Recharge and Premium membership fees are paid via PayPal.
  • When recharging or paying the Premium annual fee (12,000 yen), payment failures or delays may affect the enjoyment of Premium services and discounts. Please complete recharge and membership verification in advance to ensure timely account credit.
  • Account balances can only be used to pay for purchasing or forwarding fees, and cannot be withdrawn or transferred.
  • Premium membership fees will be automatically deducted by PayPal upon due date (without further notice. You can stop this automatic deduction at any time on the PayPal page). Fees deducted by PayPal are non-refundable.
  • Forwarding fees are free, except for value-added services (if any) unless otherwise stated.
  • To enjoy Premium services and shipping discounts, ensure you are verified as a Premium member before the packaging fee is finalized.
  • Premium service content and prices may be adjusted periodically.
Unlimited use, every shipment is a discount opportunity!
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