Optional Services

Optional Services Content Fee
Consolidation ※1,2
Reduce Shipping Costs, Minimize Number of Deliveries.
  • Regular Member: Within a single forwarding order, the first 3 packages consolidated are free of service charge. For every additional package beyond 3, a fee of 300 yen will be charged per package.
  • Premium member : Within a single forwarding order, the first 10 packages consolidated are free of service charge. For every additional package beyond 10, a fee of 300 yen will be charged per package.
  • ※ Consolidation handling fee is unrelated to the number of packages shipped upon completion of packing for this order.
  • ※ If additional boxes are needed, a packaging material fee of 300 yen per box (including splitting of boxes) will be charged.
Lightweight Outer Box Removal ※5 When using our consolidation service, removing external packaging can increase the likelihood of successful consolidation. The fee is calculated based on the total number of packages before consolidation. Please use caution with packages containing fragile or deformable items, or consider pairing with our damage reduction service. Typically, to prevent damage, cushioning materials are not removed. Outer boxes may be retained in the following scenarios: (1) small packages such as types c, f, b; (2) if removal could lead to scattering, deformation, or breakage of the contents; (3) packages with special retailer packaging. 100
Premium Members Free
Remove Mag Ads ※5 This option can reduce the weight of the package to a certain extent. In principle, only advertisements unrelated to the product are removed, while content related to the product is retained. If the magazine includes items like gifts, handshake tickets, admission tickets, autograph tickets, postcards, manuals, or similar items that need to be preserved, please do not choose this service. Free
Less Damage Strapped Adding 1-2 packing straps to the exterior of the package strengthens the box, facilitates handling, and prevents disassembly, reducing the risk of damage. Recommended for packages that:
  • Have a total length, width, and height exceeding 1 meter.
  • Weigh over 5000 grams.
Add Cardboard Box Prevents product compression and deformation, facilitates transportation, and reduces the risk of damage. Particularly suitable for long-distance shipping. (May use recycled materials.) 300
Simple Reinforcement Small Package: For packages weighing ≤3000 grams (or after consolidation), the exterior (or exterior post-consolidation) will be wrapped with a layer of shock-absorbing bubble wrap, providing vibration and moisture protection. 300
Large Package: For packages weighing over 3000 grams (or after consolidation), the exterior is wrapped with a layer of shock-absorbing bubble wrap, offering vibration and moisture protection. (Maximum weight limit applies). 800
Super Reinforcement Packages (or consolidated packages) are wrapped with about 5 layers of shock-absorbent bubble wrap, suitable for items prone to vibration, breakage, deformation, or high-value goods, and items needing moisture protection or long-distance transportation. (Weight limit applies). Recommended for:
  1. Vibration and shock-sensitive items: like cameras, rice cookers, air purifiers, watches, e-books, computers, servers, gaming consoles, etc.
  2. Fragile items: such as ceramics, alcohol, etc.
  3. Deformable items: like models, etc.
  4. High-value goods: such as designer bags, high-end fashion, apparel, luxury cosmetics, etc.
  5. Moisture-sensitive items: like high-tech products, food, etc.
  6. Items requiring longer transportation methods.
Individual Reinforcement For small items like bottled wine, glass ceramics, liquids, powders, precision electronics (dimensions L+W+H < 50cm), individual reinforcement with bubble wrap or other cushioning materials is provided to prevent compression, deformation, and reduce damage. Charges are based on the type of items selected for reinforcement, calculated per item. This can be used alone or in combination with simple or super reinforcement.
  • 100 yen per item (Bubble wrap reinforcement): Suitable for glass ceramics, liquids, powders, precision electronics, toys, CDs/DVDs, books.
  • 500 yen per item (Airbag reinforcement): Suitable for bottled drinks (such as soy sauce, vinegar, ceramic plates, etc.). Items already reinforced by the original store are considered as glass and ceramic reinforcement.
  • ※ For items exceeding 50cm in size, simple or super reinforcement will be chosen based on the actual situation, and charges will be calculated accordingly. For items of unclear or similar categories (e.g., cosmetics with toy-like packaging), reinforcement may also be applied for safety.
  • ※ If specific categories (e.g., glass ceramics) are chosen for individual reinforcement in an order, all items of that category in the order will be reinforced individually.
100 or 500
Moisture-Proof and Waterproof Film The exterior of the package (or after consolidation) will be wrapped in a moisture-proof film, effectively providing moisture resistance and preventing product leakage. It's particularly suitable for items like home appliances, food, and household goods that require moisture protection, or for packages with simple external packaging. This can be used in conjunction with services like Add Cardboard Box, Simple Reinforcement, or Super Reinforcement. 200
Other Weighing Weighing of packages upon storage or reweighing after packing is completed. 1. A weight discrepancy of up to 100 grams for packed packages is normal. 2. Dimensional weight is automatically measured based on the most protruding part of the outer box. Differences in measurements and volumetric calculations may occur due to compression or deformation during transit. A discrepancy of 1-2cm per side is considered normal, and fees are waived for discrepancies beyond this range. Apply at our contact us 300
Package Content Confirmation Verify the category of products (general classification) and the name of the shipping store for incoming packages. Apply at our contact us 300
Item Quantity Confirmation Verify the quantity of products in incoming packages. In the following cases, details inside the package will be directly reported: 1. Intact, exquisite packaging will not be opened for confirmation. 2. Product name unknown. Apply at our contact us 300
Photography Before packing: Provide photos of the outer box, invoice (if any), and products. After packing: Provide a photo of the completed package's outer box. Pre-packing photos are only to confirm the number of items in the package and whether the contents are roughly correct. Detailed shots of the product's specifics, front and back, sides, or unpacking are not provided. Apply at our contact us 500
Repackaging or Order Modification Cancellation, etc. ※8 For packages that are in the process of being packed, have been packed, or require payment, if needed: 1. Re-extract and repack or consolidate with other packages. 2. Change the shipping method or other order details. 3. Cancel the order for other reasons. Apply at our contact us 500
Declaration Verification Verify the declared quantity and price of the goods. 500
Package Disposal If you choose to discard a package, the following fees may apply: 1. Package disposal fee of 300 yen. 2. Disposal processing fees may be charged based on the type and quantity of goods in the package. 3. If the package is already packed and has unpaid fees like forwarding fees, optional service fees, or storage fees, or if a returned package has unpaid shipping or handling fees, these must be paid before disposal. Storage fees generated by non-Premium members or packages stored for more than 180 days will also be charged, as the service has already been provided. For storage services and package disposal, please refer here Apply at our contact us 300
Remove Invoice, Detailed Amount List ※5 This service is suitable for occasions such as gift-giving, where you do not want the recipient to see the price. It is limited to removing invoices and price details provided by the store (like receipts). It does not include removing product labels, price stickers, or prices printed on the product packaging. If the invoice is difficult to identify or hidden deep within the package, it may not be removed. Please do not use this service to evade customs duties. Free
Special Handling Shipping to different addresses after splitting boxes. 2. Detailed box splitting. 3. Removing specific items during packing. 1200
  1. JChere members enjoy 30 days of free storage, with charges applying after 30 days (free for Premium members).
  2. Packages unprocessed for over 180 days will be considered abandoned and automatically discarded.
  3. Payment and shipment must be completed within 10 days after packing.
  4. For more details, see our storage service and package disposal policy.
(30 Days)
※ Reminder
  1. About Consolidation Service:
    • As a rule, we keep the original packaging of parcels and consolidate them using methods like binding or adding larger boxes.
    • If items cannot fit into one box, they will automatically be split into multiple boxes or not consolidated.
    • To reduce weight or increase the possibility of consolidation, you can choose the service to remove the outer box.
    • If the original box cannot accommodate other consolidation items or withstand international shipping, we provide an additional box, charging 300 yen per box for packaging (recycled materials may be used).
    • For consolidation orders with an added box but without removing the outer box, only one box may be provided after consolidation, with only one charge. Depending on the nature of the items, other services such as simple reinforcement, super reinforcement, or moisture-proof film can be chosen.
    • Items Not Recommended for Consolidation Together:
      1. Liquids and solids.
      2. Items with significantly different shapes or sizes.
      3. Fragile items with heavy or hard objects.
  2. Situations where consolidation service is not applicable or requires splitting into two or more packages:
    • If the total weight after consolidation exceeds 20 kg (15 kg for fragile or liquid items).
    • If the weight or size after consolidation exceeds shipping limits.
    • If the total value of items after consolidation exceeds 200,000 yen or the limits of the shipping country.
    • If any item in the consolidation has been stored for over 30 days.
    • If any item in the consolidation is for super express shipping.
    • Items deemed unsuitable for consolidation by our company:
    • Easily damaged items, items with special shapes, or differently shaped items.
    • Items specifically described on the website.
    • Other situations deemed unsuitable for consolidation by our company.
    For the safety of the products, packing and delivery staff, and to ensure smooth customs clearance for you, your understanding is appreciated.
    ※ The above points 1 and 2 also apply to parcel splitting.

  3. Packages arriving at the JChere warehouse are typically only suitable for domestic transportation within Japan. Depending on the nature of the items and your chosen shipping method, you can opt for reinforcement services to make them suitable for international shipping. For fragile, easily deformed items, high-value goods requiring shock absorption, or when using longer shipping methods, it is advisable to use additional reinforcement services or to send the items in lighter, split shipments to reduce the risk of damage.
  4. To reduce the risk of damage, cushioning materials or an additional outer box may be used based on the package's condition, leading to changes in the package weight and the scope of services.
  5. If the package contains items such as gifts, handshake tickets, admission tickets, autograph tickets, postcards, manuals, etc., that need to be retained, please do not choose services like Outer Box Removal, Remove Mag Ads, or Remove Invoice, Detailed Amount List.
  6. Special items like gas stoves and water heaters that use hazardous gases require reinforced packaging (moisture-proof and waterproof film, about 5 layers of super reinforcement shock-absorbent bubble wrap, additional cardboard outer packaging, and packing straps) to ensure safe transportation.
  7. Box splitting is based on roughly evenly dividing items by weight and volume. Due to extensive operations, specific items or prices cannot be targeted for splitting. After splitting, the system automatically divides declarations, and detailed records of splitting are not available. To control package size or price, (1) reduce the number of items in the order or (2) increase the number of splits. For shipments to the same address, only one forwarding order is needed, currently free of charge (except for returned packages). Different addresses or multiple orders require multiple forwarding orders, each with a fee of 1200 yen (order number required, manual processing). Splitting services are not offered for large items like gas stoves, water heaters, tents, or exquisitely packaged gifts requiring repackaging.
  8. If an order is already packed and billed but needs to be cancelled and repacked, the following fees will apply: ① Incurred handling and service fees, ② Repacking fee of 500 yen, ③ Recalculation of forwarding fees and potential services based on the newly packed package. If the order is paid and has entered the shipping status, it cannot be repacked, nor can services be changed.
  9. The above fees apply only to packages under 30kg. For heavier or larger packages, the costs may vary or services may not be available. Please be aware of this.
  10. Japan Post charges a handling fee of 2800 yen per package for proxy declaration of packages priced over 200,000 yen. Packages over 200,000 yen only support single-item EMS shipping and do not support consolidation.
  11. Service fees are calculated per dispatched package. If an order contains multiple dispatched packages, the selected services will apply to all packages.
  12. Services for completed packing operations cannot be cancelled as they have already been provided (i.e., completed as requested). Please take note.
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