Super Big

Super Big

Transportation can handle up to 1000 kilograms, suitable for special items like gas stoves, water heaters, dehumidifiers, Japanese swords, sound systems, fishing rods, alcohol, etc. Delivery speed ranges from as fast as 1 to 8 days.

Suitable for transporting large and special items.

Dedicated direct flights ensure stable, fast, and safe transportation.

  • This transportation method uses dedicated aircraft, with freight charges based on the greater of actual weight or volumetric weight. Volumetric weight (kg) is calculated as length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 5000 (cm³/kg).
  • Insurance is required when using this transportation method. (Details)
  • For packages weighing over 40kg or requiring multiple people to handle, international shipping needs a pallet, costing 12,000 yen per unit.
  • For packages exceeding 120cm in the longest dimension or overweight (including volumetric weight of 70kg), an oversized fee of 10,000 yen per item will be charged.
  • For packages destined for small to medium-sized cities or remote areas, please contact us in advance to confirm if delivery is possible. (Additional charges may apply for some remote addresses.)
  • Ships within Japanese business days; oversized, overweight, or special items are dispatched approximately 2-7 business days after payment confirmation.
  • If customs duties are incurred, the transportation company will initially cover them. You can pay the delivery staff directly upon receiving the package. (In Mainland China, the customs duty fee is either 2% of the duty or 40 RMB, whichever is higher.)
  • Mainland China Area
    • Each shipment's contents should be for personal use only and valued at no more than 1000 RMB per package. (This excludes indivisible single items, such as one rice cooker). If the total order exceeds 1000 RMB or goes beyond personal use, it must be shipped in separate packages. ※ This limit does not apply if commercial customs clearance is required. Please inform us of the order number before packing, after placing the order.
    • If a package is detained in the supervision warehouse for more than 3 working days due to customs clearance reasons (excluding public holidays and weekends), a management fee will be charged (1.4 RMB per kilogram per day, or 70 RMB per day, whichever is higher). ※ Similar fees may apply for shipments to other countries or regions.
  • Packages in the following conditions cannot be shipped until they are reinforced or repackaged.
    • Packages without an outer box or with an outer box unsuitable for international shipping.
    • Irregularly shaped parcels that are difficult to handle or transport.
    • Special items like gas stoves and water heaters that use hazardous gases require reinforced packaging (moisture-proof and waterproof film, about 5 layers of super reinforcement shock-absorbent bubble wrap, additional cardboard outer packaging, and packing straps) to ensure safe transportation.
    • If the package meets the above conditions upon arrival at our warehouse, we may perform necessary packing procedures to reduce transportation damage risk and enhance safety and efficiency, even without prior contact with you and regardless of whether such service was selected in the order. Please understand.
  • Fees are calculated in Japanese Yen per each dispatched package.
  • ※ High-magnetic large speakers and horns cannot be shipped if they exceed the magnetic limit.
  • ※ dPlease provide receiving information (name, address, etc.) in English. Non-English will be automatically translated.d
  • ※ The volumetric weight is the measurement after packaging, which may change due to compression or deformation during transportation.
  • ※ Custom pallets (Palette) require manufacturing time.
  • ※ Premium Super Express international shipping offers up to 62% discount, which is 38% OFF. This is the maximum discount rate, with varying discounts for different weights. (For detailed discounts, please refer to the cost estimation).
You can purchase a variety of large, overweight, or special items.

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