Storage Service

  • Free Storage: Regular members enjoy 30 days free, with storage fees applied after (free for Premium members).
  • Maximum storage period is 180 days, beyond which it's considered forfeited and will be discarded automatically.
  • Packaged parcels must be paid for and shipped within 10 days of packing completion.
Premium member Regular Member(JPY/Day) Size Package Type Size, Shape, Item
Free 260 Large a Length approximately (50-75cm) x Width approximately (30-55cm) x Height approximately (25-45cm)
x Packages larger than package type a, or with irregular dimensions
180 Medium b Length approximately (30-55cm) x Width approximately (20-45cm) x Height approximately (10-35cm)
m Baby Diapers
40 Small k Length approximately (25-40cm) x Width approximately (20-30cm) x Height approximately (10-25cm)
c Packages smaller than package type b, or k
f Packages primarily wrapped in paper bags and smaller than package type b
  • Storage service fees will be settled in the nearest forwarding order.
  • Storage fees incurred before becoming a Premium member or before package disposal (including those stored for over 180 days), will be charged since the storage service has already been provided.
  • Disposing of a package may incur certain costs depending on the contents and quantity of the items inside. Orders with packed packages, including unpaid forwarding fees, service fees, and storage fees, must be fully paid before proceeding with the disposal process.
  • Packages packed for over 10 days must be paid before other orders.
  • Please ensure that stored packages are shipped within the maximum storage period. Accounts with a certain number of packages exceeding the maximum storage time or with a certain number of disposed packages will be suspended. Please take note.
  • Packages ready for packing and billing may take 2-5 business days to process (longer in special cases). To avoid storage fees, please place your forwarding order in advance.
    ※Ready for packing and billing: Packages that have been stored, added to a correct forwarding order, and are in the packing process.
  • The calculation of storage service fees is based on the number of days from the package's storage to its dispatch (including packages ready for dispatch after packing/payment). Dispatch time can be affected by payment confirmation, dispatch progress, shipping company's schedule, flight arrangements, weather conditions, force majeure, holidays, etc. Please place and pay for your forwarding order in advance.
  • Free storage service fees for Premium members apply only during the validity period of the membership. If a package is not dispatched after the expiration of the Premium membership, subsequent storage fees will be charged (no additional 30 days of free storage if the package has been stored for over 30 days).
  • Completed storage services cannot be canceled. Please be aware.
  • For packing progress, please refer to the relevant section.

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