Main items not allowed for international mailing (Prohibited items) , Package return

Category Examples of Items That Cannot Be Shipped (Partial)
Explosives & Hazardous Materials Gunpowder Items Fireworks, Firecrackers, Ammunition, etc.
Flammable Liquids Lighter Fuel, Paints, Gases, Petroleum Products, Hair Dyes, Perfumes, Essential Oils, Nail Polish, Hair Growth Solutions, Razor Cleaning Liquids, Alcoholic Beverages (Conditional ※1), etc.
High-Pressure Gas High-Pressure Spray Cans, Fire Extinguishers, Underwater Breathing Apparatus, Dusting Sprays, Portable Concentrated Oxygen, Helium Gas, Gas for Camping Stoves, Gas for Insertable Stoves, Refill Gas for Lighters, etc.
Flammable Substances Matches, Lighters, etc.
Oxidizing Substances Bleach, Peroxides, Personal Mini Oxygen Generators, etc.
Toxic Substances Chloroform, Heat-Vaporizing Insecticides, etc.
Corrosive Substances Mercury, Storage Batteries, Lithium Batteries (Conditional ※1), etc.
Radioactive Materials Radioactive Materials
Narcotic Drugs Narcotics and Stimulants, etc.
Live Animals Live Animals, etc.
Pornographic Materials Pornographic or Immoral Items, etc.
Other Dehumidifiers with catalytic substances. Frozen, refrigerated, and fresh food items requiring special transportation methods. Cash, securities, recharge cards, checks. Goods marked with United Nations hazardous material numbers, etc.
※ Reminder
  • Before entrusting your package for mailing, please ensure that the items inside can be shipped from Japan and successfully clear customs in the destination country. The above are just examples of some prohibited items. For other prohibited or potentially non-clearable items, please consult in advance with the customs or related departments of Japan and the destination country, as well as the regulations of the shipping company (including import restrictions, bans, tax policies, regulations, etc., which may vary by country). Also, pay attention to laws and regulations related to transportation quantity, size and weight limits, prohibited items (involving transportation, packaging, quantity, placement, labeling, etc.). This is a mandatory condition for using this service.
    • If prohibited items are returned after being shipped from the JChere warehouse (direct returns from Japan usually take about 1-3 weeks), the paid shipping and other fees will not be refunded. If the prohibited items are removed and the package is reshipped, the difference in shipping costs will also not be refunded.
    • Returning packages will incur additional return shipping fees and handling charges. Please refer to the process for returning packages for details.
    • Packages returned to the JChere warehouse are processed by the transportation company. Upon arrival at the warehouse, the processing and dispatch time is longer than for regular packages, which may affect the return period to the original Japanese store.
  • To ensure transportation safety and compliance with regulations, prohibited items found during packing may be removed without notification (they are usually re-registered in storage, with the parcel number being the forwarding order number). If the shipment exceeds the transport limits, it will be automatically split into multiple packages. However, there is no guarantee that all prohibited items will be detected. Accounts that repeatedly violate the prohibitions may be suspended. Please be aware.
  • We do not directly participate in the transportation of packages. During customs clearance, if there is a need for procedural handling or additional documentation, the destination country's transportation company or customs may contact you. Please follow their instructions promptly to ensure smooth receipt of your package. As contact methods and procedures vary with different countries' transportation companies and customs, please ensure your contact information is up to date.
  • Once a package has been dispatched, it cannot be recalled or have its delivery information changed. Please be aware.
  • International shipping operates at room temperature.

Transportation of Special Items

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