Comprehensive Insurance, Damage Compensation System

When shipping high-priced or important items, we recommend selecting the following insurance (applicable to all shipping methods).

Insurance Amount
  • 3% of the product price (excluding shipping fees)
  • For EMS packages, when the value of goods inside does not exceed 20,000 yen, insurance is provided free of charge.
Maximum Damage Compensation Amount
  • 3% of the product price (excluding shipping fees)
  • Insurance coverage is up to 50,000 yen (excluding shipping costs).
※ Reminder
  • If your package is damaged or lost during international transportation, and you wish to claim compensation, please review the conditions again (Compensation Claim Conditions).
    • Has insurance been purchased for the forwarding order?
    • Whether the price, quantity, and content of the products declared in the forwarding order are consistent with the actual purchase.
    • Whether the package contains items prohibited for international mail shipment.
    • Please ensure that your forwarding order includes necessary reinforcement services suitable for international shipping. If the destination postal service deems the packaging insufficient, compensation may not be available. Be aware of this.
    • If the packaging or shape of a product is deformed or damaged due to compression (regardless of whether it has been reinforced) but does not affect its use, it will be considered non-compensable. Please understand and acknowledge this in advance.
    • For packages shipped by Japan Post, you can request the local postal service to provide a CN24 Damage Report. CN24 Damage Report
    • Damage compensation claims must be made within 14 days of receiving the package, and lost package claims within 3 months of shipment.
  • Packages with a declared value over 200,000 yen require insurance.
  • Returned packages are not eligible for damage compensation.
  • If the actual package arrival time exceeds the transportation time displayed on the website, and any customs duties or other fees incurred in the destination country, are not covered by compensation.
  • The compensation amount will be credited to your account balance.

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